Fixed Turning Target Stand

The Fixed Turning Target Stand (FTTS) is an ideal system for tactical training and shoot/no shoot scenarios. The electric version features full 360 degree target rotation as well as quiet functionality, making it difficult for shooters to anticipate when the target will turn.

The FTTS is also available in a heated pneumatic version which uses air and low voltage power to turn the targets 90 degrees. Both the electric and heated pneumatic versions may be used in the harshest conditions, including sub-zero temperatures.

Electric 360 Degree Turning

Rugged Clamp


Electric version turns 90, 180, and even 360 degrees in the blink of an eye.


Target assembly can easily be removed from its base for repairs off the target line.


Pneumatic version turns from face to edge and back again.


Functional in both indoor and outdoor conditions including sub-zero temperatures.


Front deflector is built from 3/8-inch AR500 steel to protect internal components.


Integrates with our range control software for advanced features and functionality.

Decision-making training is becoming increasingly more important for law enforcement departments and agencies. The 360 degree turning capability of the Fixed Turning Target Stand is able to present “good guy” and “bad guy” targets unpredictably, forcing trainees to make quick, accurate use of force decisions.

Unpredictable: Able to randomly display edge of target, turn both directions, switch target faces, or completely turn to show the same target face repeatedly

Quiet: Electric motor is very quiet making it difficult for trainees to anticipate when the target will turn

FTTS-ClampThe quick release clamp makes changing target backers easy and holds them tight, even in a stiff wind.

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