Fixed Lateral 360°

The Fixed Lateral 360 (FL360) target system allows targets to be repositioned laterally along a fixed rail without the use of tools. Simply unlock the target and it will slide left and right for positioning in groups or creating open spaces on the range. Used in conjunction with the Dual Running Man target system, these targets can represent bystanders or perpetrators to simulate real-world scenarios.


Targets can turn 90, 180, and even 360 degrees in the blink of an eye.


Electric motor operates quietly preventing shooters from anticipating movement.


Exposed down-rigger is built using AR500 steel to resist damage from bullets.


Targets are easy to reposition in groups or divide laterally as needed.


Targets may be controlled individually or simultaneously.


Integrates with our range control software for advanced features and functionality.

With a simple thumb screw each target can be positioned laterally along it’s fixed track within a six-foot wide area.

FL360-Diagram02 Positioning Sample 1: Targets can be evenly spaced along the track for qualification training (6' max distance).

FL360-Diagram01 Positioning Sample 2: Targets can be grouped in sets of two or three for situational training (3' min distance).

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The quick release clamp makes changing target backers easy and simply adjusts to fit different target backer thicknesses.

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