The D-TaPS turns 180 degrees to present each side of a target for teaching threat/no-threat identification. Targets present themselves in two-tenths of a second. This means that trainees are not able to anticipate the target face which will be presented. Each unit can be independently controlled for tactical multiple-threat scenarios or single threat-in-a-crowd training. Placing trainees in an environment where threats have to be identified before they are engaged increases reaction time and decreases accidents in the field. 


Target turns 180 degrees for decision making and shoot/no shoot scenario training.


Can be mounted in a variety of ways to fit into any range configuration.


Targets turn in a blazing two-tenths of a second, faster than the brain can process.


Now available with a heated option that functions in sub-zero temperatures.


Upright configuration available with optional ballistic shield that protects components.


Integrates with our range control software for advanced features and functionality.

D-TaPS-Upright Mounted upright to a concrete pad (with ballistic shield)

Inverted behind the last ceiling baffle at the target line

D-TaPS-KneeWall Attached upright to the back of a knee wall or barricade

D-TaPS-LoF Mounted to the back of an Action Target Line of Fire™  

D-TaPS-Action With the ability to switch between two target faces in just two-tenths of a second, D-TaPS is ideal for decision making training.

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