Wall Deflectors

Action Target’s Wall Deflectors are an extremely cost effective method for containing rounds within the range and protecting areas downrange from errant rounds. Wall Deflectors deflect bullets into the trap while protecting the structure of the building.




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Wall Deflectors are made of hardened AR500 steel and can be manufactured and installed at a 0° or 15° angle on the wall, depending on the logistics of the range. Panels are manufactured in five foot sections and are approximately eight inches wide.

Deflectors are available in configurations capable of containing both handgun and standard rifle calibers (1/4” and 3/8”).

Action Target's Wall Deflector can be installed for a number of different purposes. The most common use is along side the Total Containment Trap to keep bullets from entering the area between the range wall and the outside edge of the bullet trap. Wall Deflectors can also be installed at specific points along the wall to protect exposed pipes, angles, and door frames.

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