Ceiling Baffles

Action Target Safety Baffles provide ballistic protection, sound abatement, and a polished, professional appearance. In addition to keeping fired bullets from exiting the range, baffles offer protection for overhead lights, pipes, ventilation ducts, and other structures.

Unique design captures bullet splatter protecting range users from injury.

  • Sound Reducing Fascia to improve comfort for range users.
  • Wood Panel traps bullet splatter.
  • Z-Furring creates necessary space for the bullet to splatter.
  • Ballistic Steel Panels prevent bullets from escaping the range.

Tactical-Baffles-TCT    Tactical Configuration

Provides coverage from any firing position, allowing shooters to move up and down range safely.


Fixed-Line-Baffles-TCT    Fixed Firing Line Configuration

More economical layout that provides coverage from one firing line position.

Safety baffles are available in configurations for both pistol and rifle ranges.


Baffle Ballistics



Stall Ballistic Table


*Not rated for armor piercing or atypical ammunition. Approved for use with .50 BMG rounds, however they shorten the life expectancy of the baffle components.

The maximum velocity and energy levels for the ammunition identified about are being provided for example purposes and are not all inclusive.

Ceiling baffle systems can be customized with a variety of fascia that provide sound abatement, make the range more comfortable for users, and give it a clean, finished look. These materials are available in a number of thicknesses and colors. Custom options are available upon request.


Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Low cost with high sound reduction.



Attractive finish, medium to high sound reduction.


Concrete Filler Board

Medium to high sound reduction.


Crumb Rubber

High splatter absorption, low sound reduction.


Acoustic Rubber

High splatter absorption, low sound reduction.

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