Track Runner™

 Targets used with Action Target’s Track Runner™ are mounted to a trolley that runs on a special track on the ground or inverted from an overhead structure. This approach is ideal for tactical applications because the target can move to different locations, change speed and direction, and dart in and out of cover.

Innovative Track

Customizable Mounting

Trolley Design

Target Variation

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Action Target developed a round rail track system made of tubular steel that eliminates binding issues found in I-beam and steel strip tracks so you can continue training no matter how windy it gets.

The new Track Runner™ can be mounted in several configurations depending on your needs. For systems used on the ground, the track simply rests on a series of sturdy feet attached at each track connection point. Because no anchors or permanent mounting is required, the system can easily be moved as necessary. If your needs are different, the new Track Runner™ can also be mounted to the side of a wall. This option is often required on indoor ranges or other ranges where space at the target line is very limited. You can even mount the new Track Runner™ above the target line and hang the targets from above.

The new trolley uses a wrap-around design and multiple urethane wheels to provide extremely smooth and quiet motion. Because these ball-bearing wheels evenly distribute pressure and reduce friction, wind has no effect on the system’s performance.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the new Track Runner™ trolley design is the ability to incorporate different types of targets. In addition to shooting at traditional cardboard targets, a single multi-purpose bracket provides a uniform interface with Action Target’s full line of portable steel targets for instant audible feedback every time the moving target “clangs” from an accurate shot. The law enforcement firearms training community has long recognized the benefits of this instant feedback provided by shooting on steel targets. The power of the new Track Runner™ takes firearms training to a new level by providing a means to use this same instant feedback.

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