A new era for shooting range technology.

Smart, connected, and engaging– Genesis enables shooting ranges to manage and engage shooters, maintain their investment, and streamline its operations like never before.

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Monitors equipment for bullet strikes, alerts staff, and can auto-disable the lane.


Recessed clamp avoids damage from bullet strikes and is easy to operate with one hand.


Provides real time view of the target on the control screen at any distance.


Connected to the Action Target Cloud Network to allow for content updates, troubleshooting, and customer support.


Dimmable white lights in addition to red, white and blue strobes provide optimal lighting for any use.


Dynamic 360º turning, pre-programmed drills, and games challenge any shooter.

PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT. Genesis actively protects your investment with clever technology and advanced design features that eliminate wear components.


Easy to Use,
Hidden Target Clamp

  • No Exposed Parts: The clamp is recessed to prevent bullet impacts. This reduces wear and range maintenance.
  • 360° Turning: Dynamic target behavior including spinning, teasing, and random edging.
  • One Hand Operation: The clamp releases easily with the press of one hand, and automatically closes when a new backer is inserted.
  • Specially Designed Backer: Economic 2-part backer eliminates the need for metal downrigger and enhances a shooter’s experience.

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Strike Watch™ Technology

Genesis incorporates advanced technology and design to automatically protect your range equipment.

  • Errant Shot Detection: A Patent Pending technology that detects when the carrier is shot and automatically takes steps to protect the retriever. Upon detecting a shot on the carrier, the target automatically edges and warns the shooter of the errant shots.
  • Customizable Protection Protocol: After subsequent shots on the carrier the shooter’s session is automatically terminated and the target returns home. This technology minimizes the damage untrained or malicious shooters can inflict on range equipment.
  • Staff Notification: Strike Watch also integrates with the Smart Accent Lighting to visually cue range staff that equipment is being shot.
  • Smartrange Axis Notification: After session termination due to carrier strikes, the range staff is notified on the SmartRange Axis control screen. The range staff can decide whether they reinstate or revoke lane time.

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Drive cables and downrange bus bars are a common failure point in the industry, leading to lost revenue. Genesis is completely wireless resulting in maximum uptime, revenue, and training.


The Genesis retriever was engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of an indoor range.

  • Armored: The front deflector plate utilizes 3/8-inch AR500 steel with a carefully engineered angle to deflect both rifle and handgun bullet impacts.
  • Reinforced Side Impact Plates: The Genesis carrier’s sides and back are covered with 11-gauge steel to deflect side impacts and prevent splatter damage.

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ENGAGING SHOOTERS. Whether training or entertainment is the goal, Genesis allows ranges to maximize lane time. From advanced programs that push any shooter, to dynamic target behavior that eliminates predictability, the Genesis sets the bar for shooter engagement.


The Genesis features preloaded games and training drills developed by leading firearms trainers.

Proficiency-based: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and pro levels challenge any shooter.
Skill-based: Self-guided trainings include self-defense, essential skill building, and firearm control programs.
Integrated Targets: Specific targets are integrated into games and trainings for an unparalleled experience.
User-Created Programs: An easy setup tool allows users to create dynamic multi-step programs on the fly.


An integrated 360 degree turning clamp physically exposes and conceals the target for specific amounts of time. This enables shooters of any level to be challenged with limited time and predictability.

Integrated Lights

Built-in target and booth lights create the perfect atmosphere for civilian, law enforcement, and military firearms training.

Streamlining The User Experience. Genesis ensures customers are spending the maximum amount of time shooting and not waiting on equipment.


Integrated Camera

Displays target on local control screen. Shooters see in real-time where they are shooting instead of bringing the carrier back home.

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The Genesis Interface was specifically designed for intuitive navigation. In addition, an intro tutorial video plays each time a session starts promoting system awareness.


SmartRange Axis™ Control

The Genesis retriever integrates fully with SmartRange Axis. This provides ranges unparalleled lane management, including time limits, unique permissions, and the ability to run programs in sync across multiple lanes.