Metals Recycling and Ammunition Program


Take the hassle out of lead and brass management with Action Target’s comprehensive metals recycling program. To ensure you get the most from your lead and brass we have created a convenient system that makes it easy to turn your spent metals into new ammunition and revenue for your range.
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Simply collect and package lead and brass from your range.

Schedule a pickup and lock in your LME spot pricing. 801.876.2442

We will pick up your lead and brass within 72 hours.

Receive maximum value for your lead and brass.

Maximize your profit by using the value of your lead and brass for discounted dealer pricing on new ammo and range supplies.

We provide a comprehensive and safe recycling collection method for your lead and brass. Our process is compliant with OSHA and EPA regulations."

With one simple call we remove the hassle of recycling your spent lead and brass.

With transparent published pricing based on the London Metals Exchange (LME) spot price, you can rest assured you are getting the best price for your recycled metal, even as prices fluctuate.

Our ammo is always in stock for small and large orders and 100% warrantied for quality and performance.


Recycling your metals with Action Target is easy and efficient. Simply contact us at 801.876.2442 or via email at to lock in your LME spot pricing and schedule a pickup. We'll be there within 72 hours to pick up your lead and brass. Once your metals are sorted and weighed at our warehouse, we'll issue your credit.

Fast, Convenient Pickup

  • The minimum pickup weight is only 4,000 lbs with no maximum limits.
  • Total weight and quality is confirmed within 72 hours of receipt at our warehouse.
  • The maximum pallet weight is 3,000 lbs for liftgate service or 4,500 lbs for forklift.

Simple Brass and Lead Packaging
We'll work with you to supply and customize a packaging system that best fits your range and protects your brass and lead from theft and weather damage. We'll provide complimentary containers and we'll replace your full containers with empty ones when we pick up your metals. Additional packaging is available at

  • Large gaylord boxes that fit through bay doors and hold 3,000 lbs of brass (full) or 3000 lbs of lead (one-third full).
  • Small gaylord boxes that fit through 30" wide doors and hold 1200 lbs of brass or 2,000 lbs of lead.
  • 55-gallon drums that hold 600 lbs of brass (full) or 1,500 lbs of lead (three-fourths full).

Best in Class Payment Structure
We eliminate the middle man and lock in your metal price at time of contact to maximize your profit.

  • Lead and brass pricing is listed live at using the London Metals Exchange (LME) spot pricing, the global center for industrial metals trading. We currently pay 54% of LME for brass (copper index) and 45% for lead. Conversion rates are set at the beginning of each calendar year.

Filter and Lead Dust Disposal
We also pick up HVAC filters, DCU filters, and the lead dust collected by the DCU. Contact one of our representatives for details.


Use the value of your lead and brass to get competitive industry pricing on quality Action Target ammunition for your range. Call 1.800.779.0182 or visit to order.


Guaranteed Quality

  • All of our ammunition is loaded to SAAMI specifications. It is also 100% warrantied to be free of defects in workmanship and materials.
  • Our ammunition is manufactured only from premium components.
  • Our experienced machine operators perform a variety of quality checks during the loading process, guaranteeing consistent performance round after round.
  • Our inspection and packaging team visually checks every round, new or remanufactured, prior to packaging so our customers receive premium quality with every order.

Guaranteed in Stock

  • We keep ammunition in stock for large and small orders.
  • We guarantee you will always have the ammunition you need, when you need it.

Free Shipping

  • We provide free shipping for orders of 50,000 rounds or more with any combination of ammunition.

Available Ammunition

  • We carry the most popular calibers of ammunition including .380, 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 38 Special, and .223 Rem.
  • Other calibers are available upon request.

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The Action Target Store is the source for everything your range needs to operate. Use your credit to purchase ammunition and other supplies you need for your range. Call 1.800.779.0182 or visit


Recycling Packages
Additional packaging for collecting your lead and brass is available, including gaylord boxes and 55-gallon drums.

Paper and Cardboard Targets
With more than 1,000 target designs, we offer a greater selection than anyone in the industry.
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Target Backers
We stock a variety of backers to fit any target system.
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Eye and Ear Protection
Keep your customers safe with quality ear and eye protection designed for target shooting and tactical situations.
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Range Cleaning
Keep your range safe and clean for users with products designed to remove lead from hands, shoes, floors, and more.
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Firearm Cleaning and Storage
Keep your rental guns secure and working smoothly with our selection of firearm storage, cleaning, and lubrication gear.
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Range Equipment, Service Parts, and Cleaning
The credit from your metals can applied towards improving and maintaining your shooting range.

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