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Bullet Traps

Choosing a bullet trap is one of the most important aspects of designing and building a shooting range. To truly understand how important a bullet trap is and how it will impact your range operations and budget, you should think of it as a large lead processor. As such, your trap must do the following:

  • Safely, reliably, and consistently receive bullets under all conditions and in all calibers appropriate to your shooting and/or training needs.
  • Safely collect and store all bullets fired into it without affecting ongoing shooting and without causing environmental damage.
  • Safely and efficiently allow for the removal and disposal of collected lead and other debris without causing environmental damage and without violating city, county, state, or federal regulations.

Action Target provides four types of bullet traps to ensure that these needs are met:

Total Containment Trap (TCT)

Action Target Total Containment TrapThe TCT is the dominant industry standard for modern, heavy-duty, steel bullet traps. The TCT can be used indoors or outdoors with the same excellent results, and is the most advanced, most effective, and safest bullet collection and disposal system available. Read More →

Rubber Berm Trap (RBT)

Rubber Berm TrapThe RBT is composed of two feet of chopped rubber spread on top of an angled support structure to create a backstop to catch bullets fired into it.  The hassle-free design of the RBT takes advantage of the practical and beneficial properties of rubber, while eliminating the weaknesses and unnecessary elements of other designs. Read More →

Flat Trap™

Front View of Flat TrapParticularly effective for ranges using frangible ammunition, the Flat Trap™ incorporates through hardened 500 Brinell steel deflection plates into an integrated backstop and bullet collection system. Read More →

Portable Trap

Two Men using AT Portable TrapThis device is designed primarily for use in shoothouses and other tactical environments where shots are less frequent and more precise. The Portable Trap is essentially a steel box with a plywood front. Bullets fired at the trap pass through the plywood, shatter on the steel and fall harmlessly to the bottom of the box. Read More →

Clearing Traps

Full Size Standalone Clearing TrapAction Target’s double-walled clearing traps may be used to check handguns and rifles with complete confidence that the trap’s armored steel chamber filled with composite rubber will safely contain any unexpected shots fired. Read More →

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