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Target Retrievers

U.S. Patent # 5951016 with other patents pending

Target retriever systems that move paper or cardboard targets away from the shooter and then back again are a traditional fixture on many indoor ranges. Once again, Action Target has improved upon tradition to bring you a complete line of target retriever systems.

AT Target RetreiverAction Target offers two target retriever models: The Standard Target Retriever provides stable operation, quick target response, and more precise control than traditional “sag and sway” target retrievers, while the Deluxe Target Retriever includes an additional modular unit for increased turning capabilities.

In order to control the target retrievers, Action Target provides three models of retriever controllers: The first is a simple toggle switch. The second model, the Smart Pad™, is an electronic keypad. The third adds Action Target’s Master Control Unit to the Smart Pad. By design, ranges with the Deluxe Target Retriever with its turning capabilities must use one of the two controller models that include the Smart Pad.

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