LETC 2017: September 11–15

For over 20 years, Action Target has combined world class instructors and a comprehensive training curriculum into a single unforgettable event—the Law Enforcement Training Camp (LETC). At LETC, you get advanced instructor training based on relevant LE concerns and proven methods for several different subjects all in the same week. LETC is a fast paced shooting school that keeps you working on the range all day, every day, and equips you with the tools needed to give your department or agency the next level in training. LETC offers the best training, the best people, and the best value anywhere.
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Tuition for LETC 2017 is $750 and includes the following:

  • Four full days of advanced classes taught by world class firearms instructors
  • Four lunches and three dinners
  • Entry for one to the 2017 LETC banquet
  • Optional entry for one to the Cory Wride Memorial Match
  • LETC collectible T-shirt
  • Official certificate of training completion
  • Exclusive participant gift package
  • Networking and idea exchange opportunity with pros from across the country


Monday, September 11, 17:00-20:00
Checkin and Barbecue at Action Target headquarters

Tuesday-Friday, September 12-15, 08:00-17:00
Daily Classes

Wednesday, September 13, 17:00-20:00
Dinner and Cory Wride Memorial Match

Thursday, September 14, 18:00-21:00
LETC Banquet


Traveling with ammunition can be difficult. Action Target offers quality ammunition that is available for purchase at a competitive price to help avoid the hassle. We have 9mm 115 GR RN, .40 S&W 180 GR RNFP, and .223 Rem 55 GR FMJ Reman. Contact our customer care department at 800-779-0182 to get pricing and place your order.

If you would rather ship your own ammunition use the following address. You can then pick up your ammunition at check-in on Monday evening.

Action Target Inc
Attn: LETC—(Your Name)
3411 S. Mountain Vista Parkway
Provo, UT 84606

Be sure to write your name on each box of ammo with a bold marker.


Join us at check in for a BBQ and facility tours. Classes run Tuesday–Friday from 09:00–17:00 with lunches provided. Dinner is also provided on Wednesday and Thursday. A detailed schedule of the weeks events will be provided at check in. You will be responsible for your own lodging. The host hotel is the Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. Use the link below to reserve your room. Please book early as space is limited.

Provo Marriott Hotel ($144)
101 West 100 North
Provo, UT 84601
Hampton Inn Provo ($94)
1511 S 40 E St
Provo, UT 84601
Fairfield Inn Provo ($95)
1515 S University Ave
Provo, UT 84601
Call the hotel and mention you are with Action Target to receive the group rate.


Wednesday night is your chance to compete against other LETC participants. This year’s Cory Wride Memorial Match will be a two gun competition that will test your skills with your duty pistol and rifle. Prizes will be awarded for the top three finishers. Rules and course layout will be provided when you check-in.

Equipment Requirements
Duty pistol, holster, 50 rounds of pistol ammunition, and 50 rounds of rifle ammunition. You can compete with your own rifle or use ours.


2017 Course Descriptions

Performing Under Pressure

Ron Avery / Tactical Performance Center

Performing Under PressureTraining without Stress and Pressure is the definition of complacent training. Through proper mental training and conditioning as well as precisely training your reactive shooting skills under pressure we can develop the mental and physical control needed to manage ourselves in lethal force shooting situations. We will spend the day exploring concepts and participating in challenge based exercises where there are consequences and rewards attached to performance. At the end of the session, you can participate in a performance measurement against a world level standard and see how you measure against it.

Equipment Requirements

Duty pistol, holster, belt, magazine pouches, three magazines, 1000 rounds of ammo, wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection.

Instructor Bio

Ron Avery is the Director of Training and co-founder of the Tactical Performance Center. As a professional trainer and martial artist Ron has combined his studies of the science of performance and shooting with other martial, tactical, and competitive disciplines. With 13 years of experience as a police officer and deputy sheriff he was a lead instructor for firearms, hand-to-hand skills, arrest control, and officer survival. His skill and experience, combined with his methodology and ability to deliver top-level training have made him an internationally recognized trainer.

LE Bullets & Vehicles

Jonathan Carlson / Sig Sauer Academy

LE Bullets and VehiclesThis course covers the dynamics of shooting from inside a vehicle, shooting from a moving vehicle and through windshield glass, as well as defensive vehicle use and cover. Students learn to use an LE vehicle to the maximum advantage – shooting through it, under it, and around it.

Topics include: ballistics on vehicles, ballistic effects on vehicle glass, window penetration tools, effects of bullets through vehicles, bullet travel down linear surfaces of the vehicle, using the vehicle for cover, engine block penetration, high power rifle rounds on vehicles, shooting drills through vehicle glass and panels, shooting from the vehicle, and vehicle survival tools.

Equipment Requirements

Duty pistol, three magazines, 300 rounds pistol ammunition, belt mounted duty rig, patrol rifle, 200 rounds rifle ammunition (no steel core or green tip), magazine/ammunition pouches, footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning, wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection.

Instructor Bio

Jon’s resume includes a unique blend of experience from over 12 years in both military and law enforcement tactical operations. At the conclusion of Jon’s military service with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) he continued to advance his skill set as a police officer earning certifications in Firearms, Use of Force, Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter, and First Responder. Jon Carlson is currently an instructor with the elite Sig Sauer Academy.

Reality Based Force on Force Program Development

Dr. Wes Doss / Khyber Training

Force on ForceIn this dynamic and interactive program, students will work to take training to the next level, build psychological, physiological and situational control skills effectively and efficiently in actual engagements considering real-world scenarios that unfold quickly. This program is tightly focused on developing realistic and relevant reality based scenarios and the safe effective application of force-on-force training methods. The ultimate goal of this program is to look at reality based training from a critical perspective and examine methods of developing appropriate and challenging scenarios, while giving the student a sense of realism, while at the same time, allowing students to learn from their mistakes, here in the training environment, not the real-world.

Topics include: simulations training safety protocols, developing relevant simulations training exercises, critical examination of real-world situations, alternate/unconventional shooting positions, cover and concealment, understanding and teaching movement, close quarters techniques, confined space skills, and initiative based problem solving drills.

Equipment Requirements

Simunition firearms, ammunition and protective gear will be provided, duty gear as applicable per duty assignment/positions (pistol belt, holster, magazine carrier, etc.), hand held tactical/duty flashlight (and weapons mounted lights if applicable), wrap around eye protection (include clear eye protection for night/low light drills), hearing protection, gloves (highly recommended), soft body armor, if issued/used (highly recommended), long sleeve shirt, button down or T-shirt (highly recommended), and elbow/knee pads (recommended).

Instructor Bio

Dr. Wes Doss is an internationally recognized firearm, tactics and use of force instructor with over 30 years of military & civilian criminal justice experience, as well as significant operational time with both military & law enforcement tactical operations & protective service organizations. Wes holds specialized instructor certifications from the U.S. Army, the U.S. Marine Corps, Arizona POST, the Smith & Wesson Academy, the Sig Sauer Academy, NRA LEAD, FEMA and the Department of State.  Wes holds a Master’s degree in criminal Justice Administration and an upper level Doctorate in Psychology, with an emphasis on sports and performance psychology.

Reactive Shooting

Todd Haller / Snowmass PD, CO

Reactive ShootingShooting on the reactive steel bobber range will push your skills to the limit. This course will demonstrate that a properly prepared officer can execute accurate shots in exceptionally short time windows including less than one second. This course is not a “quick draw” session, but rather a session designed to reveal your real capabilities in drawing, accuracy, speed, and magazine changes. No matter how fast and accurate you are now, this course will make you better.

Equipment Requirements

Issue sidearm and holster (concealed drawing is not allowed in this course), 800 rounds of handgun ammunition (frangible is preferred for maximum safety, but non-frangible is acceptable), wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection.

Instructor Bio

Todd Haller is a Patrol Sargent with the Snowmass Village Police Department (22 years). He is the training director of a regional multi-agency law enforcement firearms/Use of Force/arrest control/driving training program for agencies in south central Colorado. Todd is the lead POST firearms instructor for the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA) at Colorado Mountain College, Glenwood Springs, CO. His firearms instructional skills and knowledge are in demand nationwide. Todd has taught basic to advanced handgun skills for Executive Security International, Safariland Shooting School, and the Action Target Law Enforcement Training Camp.

Dynamic Use of Target Systems

Neil Honkala / Team One Network

Dynamic Use of Target SystemsThis course will provide a series of dynamic training exercises that will help you improve your live fire training program. We will be incorporating a variety of target options that provide a pathway to improve the skills of your students. In law enforcement communities around the world, we know that realistic training is the key to giving students the experience necessary to prevail in stressful situations. The course will offer some ideas on the use of a variety of targets in creating a building block approach to realistic training during live fire exercises.
Targets used in this course will include: AutoTargets with Hit Sync, paper targets, three-dimensional targets, range props, steel targets, reactive targets, turning and swinging targets, and moving targets.

Equipment Requirements

Duty Pistol, three magazines, 500 rounds pistol ammunition, belt mounted duty rig, wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection.

Instructor Bio

Now an instructor for the world class training institute, Team One Network, Neil Honkala is a 26 year law enforcement veteran. Neil spent most of his career in south Florida as a SWAT team member, sniper, entry team member, and team leader. Neil was a state-certified firearms trainer and holds instructor certifications in pistol, shotgun, sub-gun, carbine and other SWAT/Tactical related disciplines. He has served as a road patrol officer, field training officer, tactical patrol force (street crimes) officer and undercover narcotics agent as well as supervising the tactical patrol force and K9 unit.

Rapid Deployment Patrol Rifle

Steve Horsman / Springfield Armory

Rapid-RifleThe patrol rifle has become almost universally accepted in the world of law enforcement. This course will show you how you can get your rifle into action faster, and more accurately to stop a threat immediately. This course is being brought to you by officers who were among the first in the USA to adopt a realistic, common sense approach to putting these rifles into use. Use barricades introduce alternative shooting positions and proper use of cover. The fast paced, common sense approach to the rifle’s capabilities, operation, and handicaps make it a very valuable experience for anyone using or teaching the rifle.

Student Requirements

Semi-automatic patrol rifle, 500 rounds of rifle ammunition (no steel core or green tip), at least two spare magazines, and magazine carrier, wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection. Knee and elbow pads recommended.

Instructor Bio

Steve Horsman is a 27 year veteran of the Tempe, AZ PD including 10 years as a SWAT Sniper. Steve is a FTU instructor, USPSA/IDPA/NRA competitor for over 20 years, and one
of the authors of the TPD Patrol Rifle Program which has been adopted by numerous agencies.

Shoot and Move

Kyle Schmidt / Tempe PD, AZ

Shoot & MoveKyle’s class is 100% about building pistol shooting skills. This is not a philosophical class about tactics, it is a class about results on the target. Kyle combines his Law Enforcement training with his competitive shooting experience to provide a blend of instruction that is both practical and competitive. His focus is getting you to consistently deliver fast, accurate hits on the target. The techniques Kyle teaches are not the same techniques that are traditionally taught in law enforcement. This course will also include drills and techniques for shooting on the move, shooting a moving target and “no shoot” considerations.

Topics will include: the best way to manage muzzle flip, trigger control/efficiency best practices, aiming methods, understanding sight picture, what dictates the speed you can shoot, understanding the importance of time, proper methods for hitting the moving target, and shooting on the move techniques and considerations.

Equipment Requirements

Pistol, holster, belt and magazine pouches, at least 3 magazines, up to 750 rounds of ammunition (class speed varies), wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection.


Kyle Schmidt is an officer with the Tempe, AZ Police department with over 18 years of experience including seven years on SWAT. He is a firearms SME and is currently a full time agency firearms training officer. Kyle competes in several shooting disciplines to include USPSA, IDPA, Multigun, NRA Bianchi Cup, NRA Bullseye, and NRA PPC. Has earned several National and World Champion titles through his competitive shooting career.

Advanced Pistol Clinic

Brandon Wright

Advanced Pistol ClinicHow do you maximize your performance and not let accuracy suffer in a police shooting? Brandon Wright, former state trooper and current member of Smith & Wesson’s professional shooting team helps answer that question. Blending his SWAT experience with competition speed, Brandon understands the needs of today’s police officer. In this class, Brandon gives you the skills to take your shooting abilities to the next level by mastering the fundamentals. He takes a realistic approach to a Police Officers performance in a police shooting and gives you skills and techniques to close the gap between speed and accuracy. Students will learn how to interpret “gun language” through understanding what an acceptable sight picture is and proper trigger management. This will be a high volume round intensive class.

Topics will include: acceptable sight pictures, draws and reloads, three types of trigger pull, multiple targets, and close vs. far target engagements.

Equipment requirements:

Pistol, holster, belt and magazine pouches, three magazines, 700 Rounds of ammo, wrap around eyewear, brimmed hat, and hearing protection.

Instructor Bio:

Brandon Wright comes to LETC as a seasoned firearms and tactical operations instructor with a results oriented, hands on approach. With over 10 years of Law Enforcement experience with the James City County and Virginia State Police Departments, Brandon is a Master Instructor and conducts advanced level firearms and tactical training for senior firearms instructors and tactical teams. Brandon is also an accomplished professional shooter and currently represents Team Smith & Wesson.

Force on Force Diminished Light Instructor Workshop

(Wednesday Night 20:00–22:00 Only. Limited to 20 students.)

Wes Doss / Khyber Training

Low Light Force on ForceThis is a hands-on interactive workshop designed for the instructor that requires an enhanced knowledge of the application of diminished light techniques in conjunction with the use of a handgun in critical, real world situations. Additionally, this course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of diminished light training challenges and methods of instruction as they pertain to the field of diminished light tools, tactics, firearms, and force application. This program is a condensed workshop format, based on Khyber Interactive Associates LLC 3-day Diminished Light Instructor Certification Program.

Topics include: diminished light range operations considerations, ambidextrous tool manipulation techniques, close quarters techniques, the role of the dedicated and non-dedicated light, time and space considerations in a diminished light environment, movement & two-man tactics, diminished light teaching techniques, and handgun considerations vs. long gun/shotgun considerations.

Equipment Requirements

Duty gear, as applicable per duty assignment/positions (pistol belt, holster, magazine carrier, etc.), handgun with minimum of three magazines, working hand held tactical/duty flashlight (required), clear Eye protection (for night/low light drills), hearing protection, and 250 rounds of handgun ammunition (minimum).

Instructor Bio

Wes is an internationally recognized firearms tactics and use of force instructor with over 20 years of military & civilian criminal justice experience, as well as significant operational time with both military & law enforcement tactical operations & protective service organizations. Wes holds specialized instructor certifications from the U.S. Army, the U. S. Marine Corps, Arizona POST the Smith & Wesson Academy, the Sig Sauer Academy, NRA LEAD, FEMA and the Department of State. Wes holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and an upper lever Doctorate in Psychology, with an emphasis on sports and performance psychology.

To inquire about LETC programs, please contact Seth Ercanbrack at academy@actiontarget.com.