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The Track Runner™ – Heavy-Duty Track Mounted Moving Target System

U.S. Patent # 5242172

For more permanent range installations, our Track Runner™ is the best way to implement a moving target system. Unlike our portable systems where the target is suspended from a steel cable, targets used with the Track Runner are mounted to a trolley that runs on a special track mounted close to the ground. This approach is ideal for realistic tactical applications because the target can move to different locations, change speed and direction and dart in and out of cover.

Track Runner and TrolleyThe Track Runner uses a specially developed round rail track system that easily be mounted in several configurations, depending on your needs. The trolley uses a multi-purpose bracket for a uniform interface with all Action Target portable targets and is designed to evenly distribute pressure and reduce friction. All drive components are weather-proof and can easily be dissembled after installation to when not in use.

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