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Train for Life

Train for life – these three simple words represent the bedrock foundation of our approach to training. By combining an uncompromising system of practical and combat-proven tactics and techniques with intense mental conditioning, we give you the tools you will need to survive an armed encounter.

  • Updates & Alerts. Visit the Action Target Journal, the official business journal of Action Target, to stay current on industry news, training information, and other useful content.
  • Upcoming Events. Action Target Academy is currently taking sign-ups for training courses all around the country. As a result, the host agency’s personnel and officers from neighboring departments do not have to expend time and resources on extended travel to get the firearms training they need, allowing the host agency to maximize its training dollars and provide world-class firearms training classes that would not be available otherwise. Take a look at the calendar and see when Action Target is next training near you.
  • Online Training. We regularly host free online webinars that are both informational and entertaining. Each webinar is presented by various experts on topics that will help you have the most successful range and training programs possible. Register for upcoming webinars or view archived episodes.
  • Host a Course and Get a Free Training. Action Target Academy courses can be filled by your agency’s officers exclusively, or you can serve as a host agency where additional officers from surrounding areas come and attend the course at your facility. As the host agency, you will get free slots in whichever course you decide to sponsor. Also, if you don’t see a training that will work for you, don’t worry. Contact one of our instructors to create a custom training that will be perfect for your organization.

About the Action Target Training Academy

Established in January of 2004, the Action Target Academy conducts firearms training courses at host locations around the country. The mission of the Action Target Academy Action Target Academy Logois to provide world class firearms and defense training to law enforcement agencies and individuals that might not have such an opportunity otherwise.

Action Target Academy instructors bring experience, passion, and intensity to every class they teach, and detailed lesson plans help you document and retain your training so you can continue to develop your skills. Adding Action Target’s superior line of firearms training equipment intensifies the range drills and elevates realism to create the ultimate training experience.

Contact Us

For more information about Action Target Academy, contact David Mathis at

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