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Range Control™

SmartRange™ – Computerized Range Control

Smart Range Computerized Range ControlIn order to provide easy-to-use range control, Action Target is proud to present SmartRange™. This software includes user-friendly range control software and a range interface module, truly putting total range control at your fingertips. Because everything is built around a step-by-step graphical interface, learning even the most advanced features is quick and easy .

SmartRange gives you total computer control over the entire range, from turning targets and tactical pop-ups to steel reactive targets, lights, fans, and audio systems. The range interface module has 16 channels which output 12 volt DC signals compatible with all Action Target electrically triggered components and actuators.

Runtime Example of SmartRangeSmartRange is also the most flexible range control system on the market today. While other systems usually have to be pre-programmed at the factory, SmartRange scenarios can be written and modified in the field in just seconds. Hundreds of scenarios can be stored on a storage disk and recalled later to ensure that every trainee receives the exact same training experience.

SimpleRange™ – Hand-held Range Control

Simple Range Hand-held Range Control

When you need both the convenience of a hand-held wireless controller, SimpleRange is your answer.

Designed to run on Pocket PC-compatible PDA’s, SimpleRange gives you fingertip range control in the palm of your hand. The user-friendly interface lets you control your targets with just a tap, and the wireless connection lets you move around the range without dragging cords along behind you.

For more complex control and scenarios, SimpleRange can also tap into the SmartRange software loaded on your range computer.

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