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Portable Targets

Superior firearms training is always possible, even for departments on extremely tight budgets. Our full line of portable shooting targets can be purchased online and gives you the tools you need to incorporate modern firearms training standards and techniques into your program, even on the most undeveloped ranges.

All Action Target portable steel targets are:Line-up of AT Portable Targets

  • Made exclusively of the finest through-hardened 500+ Brinell steel with proper alloy elements to produce the required toughness and depth of hardening. They last.
  • Designed with totally smooth and flat shooting surfaces for consistent and predictable bullet splatter patterns. No dangerous brackets, clamps, or bolts to get in the way.
  • Designed to rest at a downward sloping angle to allow for dissipation of bullet impact energy.
  • Designed to move when struck to allow for even greater dissipation of bullet impact energy.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • Challenging and provide realistic training on a tight budget.
  • Extremely affordable. There is no better value in steel targets
  • Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Portable Target Options

All Action Target portable targets can be purchased online. Check out our different product categories:

  • Target Holders – Sturdily hold your target backers, cardstock, cardboard, and paper targets.
  • Dueling Trees – Increase your shooting skills while engaging in fun and intense competition.
  • Moving/Turning Targets – Realistically mimic moving threats for superior trainings.
  • Knock-Down Targets – Our through-hardened knock-down targets reinforce successful shots.
  • Self-Healing Reactive Targets – These polymer-based targets are self-healing and durable.
  • Static Targets – The perfect solution for scenarios that require durable and portable targets.
  • Evil Roy Line – See why this best seller is the best thing to happen to shooting in a long time.
  • 3D Targets – Increase realism and accuracy with our 3D targets.
  • Target Heads – Check out our heads for a more fun and realistic training experience.
  • Cowboy Action Targets – This line contains must-haves for all cowboy action shooters.

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