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Shooting Stalls

Opaque Stall WallsOn ranges where people shoot without close personal supervision, individual shooting stalls can be a critical piece of safety equipment. To be effective, shooting stalls absolutely must stop all standard handgun rounds, and they must stop them when fired at point-blank distance. All Action Target shooting stalls are designed and tested to do exactly that.

Half opaque, half transparent stall wallsTo more fully meet your indoor range needs and preferences, Action Target has developed our modular shooting stall system. This approach lets you balance cost and functionality in a way that makes the most sense for your individual shooting needs.

All of our stalls provide an impenetrable barrier, but allow for modular and customizable construction. Begin by choosing what level of ballistic protection you want based on how your range will be used. You then fill the upper and lower portions of the vertical framework by selecting components like transparent ballistic panels, carpeted ballistic steel, or ballistic steel with a tough rhino-lining finish. We offer 100% solid panels, 100% clear panels, or 50/50.

Completely transparent stall walls

The result of this modular approach is a practical and effective shooting stall system that is custom tailored to your operational and training needs, providing broad cost flexibility.

You can then add tables, barricades, communication equipment, and even an electric eye security system that shuts down the range if someone walks in front of the stalls and exits the safe shooting area.

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