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Defender™ Shooting Stall

Solid Defender Stalls in RangeAction Target’s Defender™ Shooting Stall is the safest and most modifiable shooting stall available. Independent ballistic testing and advanced designs ensure the shooter stays safe and comfortable in your range. Attachable accessories, interchangeable ballistic  panels, and multiple table configurations work together to create the ideal shooting  experience for your customers.




 Modifyable-Icon-web Modular: Interchangeable components allow for future upgrades and            replacements as wear occurs.

  Customizable-Icon-web Customizable: Multiple accessories, ballistic panels, and table configurations      are available.

   Bullet-Proof-Icon-webBallistic Rated: Independent UL 572 tests validate ballistic integrity                                               

  Stall-Icon-webModern Design: Unique design elevates the look of the shooting range.


Defender™ Shooting Stall Options

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