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MATCH™ (Modular Armored Tactical Combat House)

US Patent 5822936 and other patents pending

Breach door Training in AT MATCHAction Target’s MATCH™ is a live-fire, 360 degree balistically safe shoothouse designed for you to learn and teach close-quarter skills like room clearing and hallway navigation, all with total confidence that every round fired is being contained within its armored steel walls.

Because officers frequently encounter situations that require close-quarter tactical skills, a realistic training environment that accurately recreates those situations is critical to developing the confidence and conditioned responses an officer needs to survive. MATCH provides just such an environment by combining realistic walls, doors, rooms, and hallways into custom configurations that reflect the situations your officers are most likely to encounter, offering for an array of training options. If MATCH were any more real, it would be your house.

Action Target MATCH Shoothouse for LAAlthough realism is critical, safety is paramount. A shoothouse that is poorly designed and constructed may not reliably contain shots fired within it. This is unacceptable. Building a reliable shoothouse is not a simple task. It requires much more than just the basic steel cutting and welding a local metal shop usually provides. Instead, Action Target installs each MATCH unit following a strict construction process to ensure maximum safety and durability, while custom designing your house to meet your department’s specific training needs.

Superior training is the best way to protect the lives of our law enforcement officers, and superior equipment is critical to the training process. Because nobody knows more about steel than Action Target, and because nobody makes a safer or more advanced shoothouse, Action Target’s MATCH™ is the clear, cost-effective choice.

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