Mobile Range

Action Target’s mobile shooting range meets the unique demands of law enforcement training, concealed carry training and certification, and also provides a new experience for gun enthusiasts. We worked closely with TriCounty Tactical to create this one-of-a-kind experience.

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Safe, Inside & Out

Mobile, not Minimal

Versatile Training

The safety of the shooter and anyone outside the range is paramount in the construction process. The shooting range can be used safely in any location by anyone, from the novice to expert shooter.

Action Target's innovative mobile range has a “no blue sky” design, meaning there is continuous overhead ballistic containment from the firing line to the bullet trap for tactical use. This was accomplished by armoring all four sides of the 53 foot semi-trailer with AR500 armored steel.

Action Target's mobile shooting range includes advanced target retrievers, a custom air filtration system, and a custom rubber berm trap for bullet containment and recycling. The trailer also utilizes an onboard diesel generator for untethered powering, allowing it to be used virtually anywhere.

Three shooters can train from the standing position at one of three clear shooting stalls, or the table can be collapsed at each position to practice drawing from the holster, or shooting from a prone or kneeling position.

When combined with the Mancom Touch Plus™, as the target retrieval system, 360° degree turning, as well as blue, red, and white LED lights on the carrier, and programmable scenarios for different qualification courses may be run. The three target retrievers can be controlled by the individual shooter from each shooting stall or by a range master from a master control system.

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