Mancom™ Touch Plus

The Mancom Touch Plus target retriever is a tried and true, cable-driven target retrieval system with modular upgrade options to meet any range’s needs. Commercial ranges, police departments, and military installations around the world depend on the Touch Plus every day to deliver reliable training with 360 degree turning, programs, and advanced lighting features.


An optional 360 degree turning clamp may be added for improved functionality.


Capable of traveling up to 9 feet per second.


Target distances are accurate within 1 inch.


Optional carrier lighting, including police strobes, create realistic training scenarios.


Rated for reliable operation in outdoor conditions.


Constructed with AR500, engineered angles, and industrial strength components.

The Touch Plus utilizes a powerful motor to accelerate the carrier at speeds up to 9 ft/sec.

  • Accurate within 1 Inch: The Touch Plus maintains a distance accuracy of 1 inch.
  • Auto-Calibration: The Touch Plus keeps track of its position when it is shifted.
  • Smooth Movement: The Touch Plus is designed to have a smooth ramp up and down, optimizing motor performance and increasing component life.

The Touch Plus retriever was engineered to withstand the harsh conditions an indoor range.

  • Armored: The front deflector plate, target clamp, and downrigger utilize 1/4-inch AR500 steel with a carefully engineered angle to deflect rifle and handgun bullet impacts.
  • Reinforced Side Impact Plates: The Touch Plus carrier’s sides and back are covered with 14-gauge steel to deflect side impacts and prevent splatter damage.

An optional target clamp may be added to the Touch Plus that turns targets 360 degrees. It is easy to use and built to last.

  • One Hand Operation: The Touch Plus features a proprietary Cam Clamp that holds a target or backer tightly, yet releases with a simple squeeze of the lever.

Adding optional lighting improves target visibility and creates an improved atmosphere for training.

  • Carrier White Light: A white light illuminates the target to improve visibility.
  • Carrier Police Lights: Create realistic training scenarios with three selectable patterns of red, blue, and white strobes.
  • Stall White Light: White lights may be added in the stall to improve visibility around the shooter.

A user friendly touch screen interface controls all the features including lighting, target turning, shooting distance, and more.

  • Complete Lane Control: Users are able to control their shooting distances, stall lighting, target lighting, target exposure, time drills, programs, and more.
  • Programs and Drills: The Touch Plus comes preloaded with a standard set of programs and customizable time drills.
  • Industrial Strength Components: The Touch Plus interface is built to withstand the abusive environment of a shooting range.

  • Ballistic: Constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel to resist damage from errant shots.
  • Safe: Flat bottom design prevents ricochets from leaving the range by directing all rounds towards the bullet trap.
  • Modular: Design consists of interchangeable 6-foot sections for easy installation and service.

The Touch Plus seamlessly integrates with a central range control system for training, events, qualifications, and time management for the commercial range. Central control enables lane timing, creation of custom courses of fire, 100% control of all functions within the Touch Plus and much more.

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