Mancom™ Touch-N-Go

The Mancom Touch-N-Go target retriever was specifically designed to be a quality target retrieval system with simple functionality. The Touch-N-Go is constructed of the highest quality, industrial grade components available.

Optional Lighting


Robust Modular Track

Central Control Integration


An optional carrier light lights the target and auto recharges in the home position.


Target distances are accurate within 1 inch.


Keypad enables easy out and back operation.

The Touch-N-Go retriever features an optional light that runs on rechargeable batteries. When the carrier returns home it automatically charges, requiring no bus bars or maintenance.

The Touch-N-Go retriever features an easy to use keypad to send the retriever out and back.

  • Digital Read Out: Accurate target distances are displayed on the keypad.

  • Ballistic: Constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel to resist damage from errant shots.
  • Safe: Flat bottom design prevents ricochets from leaving the range by directing all rounds towards the bullet trap.
  • Modular: Design consists of interchangeable 6-foot sections for easy installation and service.

The Touch-N-Go seamlessly integrates into a central range control system for individual lane time management and target control.

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