AWD Pro™

The wireless All Wheel Drive (AWD) Pro retriever is the most engaging and robust target retrieval system on the market. It features a modern, easy to use interface with 27 addicting games and training scenarios for all skill levels. These programs offer shooters an unparalleled experience, proven to improve the shooter’s experience.*

*Results of a survey of shooters using the AWD Pro for the first time.


Functions without the use of cables or bus bars reducing down time.


Capable of traveling up to 12 feet per second.


Full range of motion including spinning, random edging, and teasing functions.


Preloaded programs, customizable lighting, and advanced functions keep shooters in your range.


Target distances are accurate up to within 1/2 inch.


Specifically designed to withstand the abusive conditions inside a range.

Addicting Scenarios

The AWD Pro comes preloaded with games and drills developed by leading firearms trainers that challenge every shooter. These game-changing programs have been proven to engage shooters, keeping them in the range longer and consuming more ammunition.

  • Pistol & Rifle Programs: Several programs are built specifically for pistol and rifle shooters. These are available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced formats.
  • Pistol Qualification Programs: Standardized qualification scenarios provide both civilian and law enforcement users the ability to practice.
  • Personal Defense Programs: Charging, reload, and decision-making drills for varying skill levels help train shooters through self-guided training.
  • Games: Numerous shooting game programs keep shooters on their toes and improving their skills, all while having fun.

Simple Touch Screen

Each AWD Pro comes with its own simple to use control panel that gives users the ability to control their own shooting experience.

  • User Tested, User Approved: The AWD’s user interface is the most intuitive and engaging on the market. Months of testing ensures that anyone can easily operate even the most complex features with little to no assistance.
  • Complete Lane Control: Users are able to control their shooting distance, stall lighting, target lighting, target behavior, time drills, and more.
  • Industrial Strength Components: The AWD interface is built to withstand the abusive environment of a shooting range.

Dynamic Target Behavior

The AWD Pro features three target behaviors in addition to random edging. These features remove predictability from the equation and introduce stress and decision making.







100% Wireless Functionality

The AWD Pro functions completely independent of bus bars and cables, preventing downtime and reducing maintenance.

  • Robust Components: Features industrial strength wireless technology and components.
  • Long Life Battery: Equipped with powerful lithium ion batteries for all-day continuous use.
  • Auto Charge: Carrier automatically docks and charges each time it returns home.
  • Auto-home: After a range-defined idle period, the carrier returns to its home position to charge.

Fast, Accurate Positioning

The AWD Pro is the fastest target retriever on the market with industry leading accuracy.

  • 3 Motor Design: Utilizes three motors in rather than the industry standard of two motors to smoothly propel retriever at speeds up to 12 ft/sec.
  • Accurate within 1/2 Inch: The AWD maintains a distance accuracy up to 1/2 inch.
  • Auto Calibration: The AWD keeps track of its position when it is shifted.
  • Smooth Movement: The AWD is designed to have a smooth ramp up and down, optimizing motor performance and increasing component life.

Advanced Lighting System

Built-in carrier and sight lights come standard on the AWD Pro target retriever and create the perfect atmosphere for civilian, law enforcement, and military firearms training.


Solid White


Muzzle Flash


Police Lights


Ambulance Lights

Solid Ballistic Design

The AWD Pro retriever was engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of an indoor range.

  • Armored: The front deflector plate utilizes 1/4-inch AR500 steel with a carefully engineered angle to deflect both rifle and handgun bullet impacts.
  • Reinforced Side Impact Plates: The AWD carrier’s sides and back are covered with 14-gauge steel to deflect side impacts and prevent splatter damage.

Robust Modular Track
  • Ballistic: Constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel to resist damage from errant shots.
  • Safe: Flat bottom design prevents ricochets from leaving the range by directing all rounds towards the bullet trap.
  • Modular: Design consists of interchangeable 6-foot sections for easy installation and service.

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