TAC House™ RD – Alternate Care Facilities

TAC House RD blocks and panels can be used in hospitals and medical facilities to provide separation between populations and to create instant offices, exam rooms and dividers between beds. Delineate areas and provide isolation as needed for testing, sleeping, or work. Modular building blocks and wall panel systems are used to create temporary or semi-permanent alternate care facilities, shelters, social dividers, interior tent walls, and medical facilities. Convert gymnasiums, armories, convention centers, and unused warehouses for Covid-19 surge facilities using our rapidly deployable wall solutions.


Temporary panels can be quickly disassembled and moved as needs change


Requires only two people for assembly and take down.


ASTM E-84 Class C fire rating for indoor use.


Easy to clean and disinfect.

TAC House - RD Panel

• Sanitary delineation of patient and work space

• Reconfigurable and reusable interlocking panels

• Manufactured from the same fiberglass panels used in hospitals

• Mitigates the spread of virus and bacteria

• Hollow wall cavities allow passage of electrical and data wires

• Law Enforcement and Military also use these panels and blocks for creating unique training environments.

120 Patient Facility on Football Field

15-Room Medical Monitoring Station

(62’x72’ – Requires 65’x75’ 5,000 ft. sq.)

  • 10’x10’ Patient Rooms
  • Includes (135) 8 ft. panels and required connectors
  • Accordion-style doors  optional
  • Expandable to meet growing or changing needs

Nurse Work Station


• Includes 4 desks with shelves

• Rapidly build and reconfigure as needed

• 778 Pieces


Antechamber, Supply and Break Room

(30’x92’ – Requires 40’x100’ 4,000 ft. sq.)

• (3) 30’x30’ spaces

• Includes (94) 8 ft. panels and required connectors

• Delineates patient and personnel areas

• Pieces can be reconfigured as needs change

• 42” walkways between rooms

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