The Complete Home Shooting Range Equipment Guide

A shooting range is a welcome addition to your home, as it is a great way to entertain guests, hone your skills as a marksman, or simply celebrate the Second Amendment. It takes a lot of planning, however, and should not be a task taken lightly. Having a shooting range

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Are Gun Ranges Safe? Everything You Need to Know

Many people enjoy and participate in shooting sports. Any beginning shooter has many questions, and one of them should be, is this a safe sport?   More particularly, is it safe to go to a gun range?   Gun ranges are safe. Indoor ranges feature containment areas designed to absorb errant bullets

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What Does the Typical In-Home Gun Range Cost?

Surprisingly, in-home gun ranges are becoming more and more popular, and many people see it as a place to escape.  Many people now consider adding a gun range to their homes for the convenience of shooting at their leisure. Adding a gun range to your home may involve retrofitting an

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Are Indoor Shooting Ranges Profitable?

There are contributing factors to how much profit indoor shooting ranges will accumulate, and today, we’ll go over them.  By understanding what drives sales and revenue, you’ll have a better chance to make your indoor shooting range profitable. An Indoor shooting range can be profitable. Shooting ranges are predicted to

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Maintaining a Modular Gun Range

Article Contributer – Diana Rotolo In 2020, Action Target the expert in gun ranges partnered with CoverSix the expert in modular structures to launch Arcas modular ranges. Arcas modular ranges consist of three distinct platforms – the MBL (mobile gun range), EXT (3 lane extended modular gun range), and DLX

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Target Systems and Gun Range Types

Action Target™ designs and creates industry-leading, state-of-the-art gun ranges and target systems that provide unrivaled firearms training and proficiency. Whether you use your range for training, qualification, decision-making, or entertainment, your Action Target range provides an engaging, safe, and environmentally responsible shooting environment. A crucial component of any gun range

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What to Consider When Building a Home Shooting Range

Few things offer as much joy and freedom as being able to shoot your firearms in your own private gun range. A home shooting range provides more than just a fun venue for shooting and a place to entertain your friends, it also provides you with training scenarios to hone

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Trusted Partner Warranty Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ACTION TARGET TO TRIPLE INDUSTRY STANDARD WARRANTY WITH THE LAUNCH OF ITS “TRUSTED PARTNER WARRANTY™” PROVO, UTAH – April 22, 2020 – Action Target Inc., the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges, announces a new warranty program that triples the industry standard. The comprehensive Trusted Partner Warranty™

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Action Target | CoverSix

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   ACTION TARGET AND COVERSIX SHELTERS ANNOUNCE MODULAR SHOOTING RANGE TEAMING AGREEMENT PROVO, Utah – March 18, 2020 – Action Target™ Inc., the leading manufacturer of modern shooting ranges, steel targets, shooting supplies and aftermarket services, announces a new teaming agreement with CoverSix Shelters. CoverSix has a proven track record of

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