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Whether you use Action Target for products, firearms training, range construction, or simply as a resource to stay up-to-date on the industry, we know that you will be impressed with our high-quality products, professional services, competitive prices, and top-notch customer service.

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say:

I am amazed at the number of officers I have worked with over the years who have never trained on or shot at moving targets. Action Target’s portable “Runner” has allowed me and my brother instructors to effectively and efficiently correct this training deficiency.

From basic moving threat engagement techniques to advanced scenario-based training, the Action Target Runner lets us provide officers with more of the skills they need to survive. Set-up and take-down is comparatively easy so more time is spent training, and we can quickly reconfigure the unit to maximize our training flexibility.

Lateral and oblique movement, advancing and retreating threats, decision making and reactive targets – with the portable Action Target Runner we can accomplish it all.

David Kraske
Firearms Instructor
Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

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