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Target Systems

Effective firearms training requires much more than simply shooting at a stationary target. In the real world, threats move, hide behind cover, and protect themselves behind innocent hostages. Eliminating threats requires precision, split-second decision making, and endurance. To ensure that your force or department is completely prepared for any and all types of shooting scenarios, it is critical that training activities closely mimic real-life encounters. For this reason, Action Target is proud to introduce a line of target systems that will guarantee your organization gets the most realistic training available.

Moving Target

Track Runner and TrolleyAction Target’s Track Runner™is the best way to implement a moving target system. This powerful and sturdy tool allows you to create practice scenarios that involve moving targets. The use of a track system makes the Track Runner invincible against strong winds and allows you to custom design the target’s course. Read More →

Turning Targets

Front View of Steel 90 Portable TargetOur line of turning targets is a must-have for proper firearms qualification. Our targets turn in a fraction of a second, forcing shooters to be on their guard at all time and quickly distinguish between friend or foe. We can equip your range with everything from totally independent computer-controlled target turners to more basic and economical tandem-driven systems. Read More →

Reactive Targets

Dual Bobber X-TremeIf defensive skills and responses are not programmed at a subconscious level, the sudden stress may cause us to fumble, freeze or panic. Reactive targets are created to provide instant feedback and condition shooters’ responses at a subconscious level. Our reactive targets allow you to be confident that when presented with a stressful situation in the real world, your reflexes are conditioned to take care of the situation while limiting risk. Read More →

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