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Action Target Selling Paper/Cardboard Targets and Backers at Discounted Price

Action Target is selling its existing inventory of all paper, cardboard, plastic and foam targets and backers at a discounted rate for newsletter subscribers, available through the online store. This offer will run the entire month of May. After the sale is over, we will be moving our inventory to Law Enforcement Targets.

Here are the items that are available:

TypeProduct DescriptionMSRP/eaLiquidation Price/ea
Cardboard TargetsB21 E – White Perforated Silhouette (23”wide x 34” tall)$0.80$0.59
B27 E – Black (23”wide x 35” tall)$0.75$0.63
FBI-Q – Die Cut for Turning Target Systems (19”wide x 39” tall)$0.65$0.50
Transtar II – Blue Color Image; Die Cut for Turning Target Systems (24”wide x 39”tall)$0.95$0.70
Paper TargetsB21 E – Black (23”wide x 35” tall)$0.35$0.29
B21 E – Blue (23”wide x 35” tall)$0.35$0.29
B27 E – Black (23”wide x 35” tall)$0.35$0.29
Plastic BackersVertically Fluted Backer – White; (24” wide x 36” tall x 4mm thick)$2.75$2.00
Vertically Fluted Backer – White; (24” wide x 36” tall x 8mm thick)$7.50$4.75
Foam BackersFoam Backer – Cut for Turning Target Systems; White (24” wide x 48” tall x 3” thick)$40.00$30.00

These prices are ONLY available through the Action Target Online store . If orders are placed with Law Enforcement Targets, you will be charged full retail price. No coupon code required; discount automatically given upon checkout.

After Action Target sells the inventory set aside for the sale, they will move their inventory to Law Enforcement Targets. After May, you can continue to place all future paper and cardboard target/backer orders by visiting the Law Enforcement Target website or by calling the following individuals at (888) 489-7830:

  • Federal & Military – Kara Hale
  • International – Dan Swanson
  • Western US – Kathy Dube
  • Texas to Southeast US – Louanne Slattery
  • Midwest to Northeast US – Jennifer Deelstra

Please note: Action Target will continue to inventory and sell the 3D cardboard targets and the cardboard target holder used for indoor shooting range retrievers, even after May.