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YouTube Reviewers Talk Action Target’s Rimfire Steel

More than 2,000 members of the media showed up at SHOT Show to check out the newest products in the industry. Several of them dropped by Action Target’s booth for a look at the new Rimfire Steel Targets we released on January 15th. Here’s a look at some of the reviews.

Action Target at the 2013 SHOT Show

shot_show_logoExecutive Video SummaryIt’s that time of year again where the entire firearms industry gets together in Las Vegas for a whole week of fantastically exhausting SHOT Show fun. Here at Action Target, we’re putting the final touches on our booth and loading up for a week in Vegas. If you’re attending SHOT Show this year, make sure to stop by and check us out (booth numbers 10564 and 10562). Here’s a look at what we’ll have going on.

The event kicks off Monday the 14th with the SHOT Show Media Day at the Range held at the Boulder Pistol & Rifle Range in Boulder City. Action Target is the official target sponsor of Media Day at the Range and will be providing brand new steel targets for new firearm demonstrations and, of course, entertainment. More than 1,000 media members from the hunting and shooting industry will be present at the range for a full day of shooting demonstrations, product releases, and firearms fun.

Because there will be hundreds of live firearms at the range, safety is absolutely paramount. To promote gun safety, Action Target will be presenting the 2013 Action Target Safety Award. This award will be given to the exhibitor that holds to the highest standards of safety during SHOT Show Media Day at the Range. Each exhibitor will be judged by a panel of safety auditors who will give scores based on firearms safety practices during the event. The award will be presented to the winner at Action Target’s booth (10564) on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

This year we will also be debuting new products like the whole line of Rimfire Targets specifically designed for .22 rimfire ammunition. In addition to the Rimfire Spinning Jack, Rimfire Plate Rack, and Rimfire Dueling Tree, we’ve added seven new reactive targets to the line. All of the new targets will be available for purchase online and in our SHOT Show booth starting January 15th. Take advantage of our free shipping offer by purchasing any of our portable targets in the booth.

1280x500 rimfire web banner

In addition to free shipping, our booth will feature several industry celebrities like NUTNFANCY, “Evil Roy” Gene Pearcey, Rob Leatham, and more! NUTNFANCY will be in the Action Target booth all day Tuesday. Stop by to get an autograph and a picture.

Even if you aren’t attending SHOT Show this year, you can still be a part of the action by following our updates on Facebook Facebook and Twitter. We’ll keep you posted on all the product releases and industry news.

We hope to see you there!

Nutnfancy Reviews the AT Rimfire Dueling Tree

AT Rimfire Sport Dueling Tree

Nutnfancy recently posted a video review of Action Target’s Rimfire Sport Dueling Tree. Just like our full-size Dueling Tree, the Rimfire Dueling Tree has six steel plates that spin to the other side of the target when hit, allowing you to shoot all day without going downrange once to setup or reset the target. Nutnfancy explains how the Rimfire Dueling Tree provides the fun and excitement of a dueling tree with ammo that costs a fraction of the price! Click the video thumbnail to watch now.

About Nutnfancy

Nutnfancy is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, a popular YouTube product reviewer, and a long-time user of Action Target products.

Action Target Named Official Target Manufacturer of SASS

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) recently named Action Target the official target manufacturer for their group of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) enthusiasts. This announcement runs in tandem with Action Target being named the official target manufacturer for the world’s largest single action shooting competition, End of Trail.

Single Action Shooting Society

Action Target has worked with SASS for many years. Our targets have been used with increasing frequency at regional, state, and club shooting matches. Action Target is also the preferred target choice at other CAS events prompting Action Target to work with SASS World Champion, Gene “Evil Roy” Pearcey in developing the industry’s most portable, economical, durable, and independently reviewed steel target, the Evil Roy Practice Target . This innovative target has endured some of the most grueling and comprehensive torture tests, but performs flawlessly each and every time. Some of the most respected independent reviewers in the firearms industry, such as Nutnfancy, have tested and evaluated the Evil Roy, giving extremely positive reviews.

Action Target Evil Roy Practice Target

Evil Roy was instrumental in creating his target namesake. He has also been working with SASS in the development of rules, shooting stages, and weapon characteristics to include Wild Bunch Action Shooting as the opening stages of 2011’s End of Trail.

“Wild Bunch Action Shooting will employ the use of a 1911 pistol rather than single action revolvers, SASS legal pump shotguns, and lever-action rifles,” stated media contact and dedicated SASS member, Lamar “Coyote Calhoun” Shelnutt. “The idea for the equipment and dress used in the sport is based on the 1969 movie, ‘The Wild Bunch.’ SASS is proud to have a great relationship with Action Target that goes much deeper than just their high quality targets.”

The End of Trail main match took place last month at Founder’s Ranch, New Mexico. The competitors participated in twelve individual stages, shooting four stages per day. End of Trail is a four gun event where each shooter is required to perform using two six-guns, a rifle and a shotgun in each of the main match stages. Shooters are expected to fire up to ten pistol rounds, ten rifle rounds, and up to six shotgun rounds in each stage.

If you are looking for good family fun, then come see the SASS members shoot with weapons of the era while dressed in period attire during the End of Trail and other CAS events throughout the year!

For more information about SASS, the End of Trail, or Wild Bunch Action Shooting, please contact Lamar “Coyote Calhoun” Shelnutt or Misty “Misty Moonshine” Miller at (505) 843-1320.