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Illinois Shooting Range Braces for New Concealed Carry Law with Huge Upgrade

September 2013

As Illinois becomes the 50th state to allow the concealed carry of firearms, one shooting range a half hour out of Chicago is preparing for the influx of new shooters and turning heads in the process. GAT Guns of East Dundee, Ill., recently added a monumental 39 new indoor lanes to its existing 24 making it one of the largest… Read More →

Action Target Increases H&H Shooting Sports’ Lane Count

August 2013

PROVO, Utah – Aug. 15, 2013 – H&H Shooting Sports of Oklahoma City recently teamed up with Action Target, the world leader in shooting range development, equipment and services, to increase their shooting lane count from 55 to 61 making them one of the largest gun range and retail firearm stores in the nation. Action Target’s six-lane addition to the… Read More →

Three Keys to Getting Your Shooting Range Approved

February 2013

In the process of building a shooting range, perhaps the most intimidating part is getting it approved by your local government. Even after you’ve done all the work, raised all the money, and planned everything out, the final say still comes down to a handful of elected officials. Don’t let that make you feel powerless, though. Even if the ultimate… Read More →

Myths About Wet Steel Traps

January 2013

As with anything else in life, the ability to make an informed decision is based on the quality of the information you receive. The purpose of this article is to explore some of the claims associated with using water on steel funnel traps. This information represents the opinions of Action Target based on the experience and observations of our range… Read More →

Myths About Rubber Berm Traps: Part II

December 2012

As we discussed in the first part of this article, rubber berms are a fantastic way to contain rounds on ranges that see limited use, but they aren’t perfect in every circumstance. Rubber berms have their limitations no matter what you may read. If you are considering installing a rubber berm on your indoor or outdoor range, make sure you… Read More →

New Miami Gun Range Promises a Unique Experience

November 2012

Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range focuses on being clean and friendly Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range has teamed with Action Target to build a progressive shooting range families can enjoy. Located near the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport, the new facilities include a firearm and ammo retail store, two indoor shooting ranges and classrooms for in-depth instruction. The… Read More →

Myths About Rubber Berm Traps

November 2012

At its most basic level, a rubber berm trap is approximately two feet of chopped rubber laid on top of an angled support structure to create a backstop or “berm” to catch bullets fired into it. There are several different approaches to this fundamental idea, but the same basic principles apply to them all. When you shoot into a dirt… Read More →

3 Marketing Strategies to Get People in Your Shooting Range

October 2012

By Mike Stilwell, Action Target Range Consultant and owner of Range Masters indoor shooting range in Springville, Utah. When I bought my first handgun 20 years ago, there wasn’t a place to shoot it. There were hardly any shooting ranges in the area, and the ones that did exist required expensive long-term memberships. That really bothered me, so when my… Read More →

Indoor vs. Outdoor Shooting Ranges: What You Should Know Before You Start Building

July 2012

By Chris Hart, Action Target Range Consultant Everybody has their own preference when it comes to shooting ranges. Some people like the open-air feel of an outdoor range where they can shoot steel targets at 500 yards while others prefer the air conditioned comfort of indoor ranges where target distance can be controlled with the push of a button. Both… Read More →

New Local Shooting Range Promises a Clean Environment

June 2012

Field Time Target and Training in Stanton, CA, has teamed with Action Target to create a state-of-the-art shooting range for firearms training. The new facilities include a firearms and ammo retail store, two indoor shooting ranges, and classrooms for in-depth instruction. “Orange County is range deprived,” said Field Time owner Greg Caringella. “There was a great need for another range… Read More →

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