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Target Controls – Handheld

Man-8™ – Handheld Manual Target Control

Man 8 Channel

The MAN-8 is equipped with both a master override and a pulse feature that give the operator complete control of the range and targets. The MAN-8, when used in conjunction with the Pro-Int, delivers precision timing control for any type of firearms training or qualification scenarios.

EHS-1™ – Handheld Electronic Target Controller

The electric hand switch (EHS-1™) is the simplest way to control any electrically triggered controller or actuator from Action Target.

EHS-1 – Handheld Electronic Target ControllerThe rugged aluminum handle houses an on/off button that can easily be pressed with the thumb as the unit is held in the palm of the hand. The EHS-1 is also available in a momentary push button option.

The electrical connection on the EHS-1 is identical to the Pro-Int shot timer. This makes it easy to upgrade later as a more sophisticated range controller becomes necessary.

*NOTE: It is important to note that the MAN-8 and EHS-1 do not physically control air flow to the targets. They sends a simple electric signal to an interface that in turn controls the air flow and activates the target.

HS-1™ – Handheld Pneumatic Target Controller

HS-1™ – Handheld Pneumatic Target ControllerThe HS-1™ hand switch is the simplest of all Action Target controllers. Even so, this versatile control module gets used again and again to fill a need that can be met in no other way.

The HS-1 serves as a manual air flow interface that allows you to operate any of Action Target’s pneumatic actuators. Squeeze the button and the target turns. Let go of the button and the target turns back – it’s that easy.

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