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Pro-Int™ – Electronic Shot Timer

The PRO-INT™ incorporates features of standard shot timers and range controllers into one product. Functionally, the PRO-INT is equivalent to the PRO-Shot III shot timer from Competition Electronics.

PRO-INT Electronic Shot TimerHowever, the PRO-INT has a few added features. First, it comes with a built-in range interface port with a 12 volt DC output compatible with all Action Target electrically triggered controllers and actuators. Second, the PRO-INT comes with an external power input that eliminates the need for the usual 9 volt battery inside the unit.

This way, both the electronic shot timer and the rest of the range can be powered by either a rechargeable battery belt pack (BP-1) or a wall transformer needed for your application.

As it records the time intervals between your shots, the PRO-INT also controls its 12 volt output. The output is turned on at the start of the par time. Since you can set the par time to any value from 0 to 99 minutes, this product is ideal for accurate control of a single target or bank of targets for limited exposure time.

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