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Scoring & Control Systems

Every target system has to have an operator. Someone has to press a button, step on a board, shoot down a plate, or open a door to make a target function. Controllers form the link between a human operator and the rest of the system, allowing these actions to be performed. Action Target offers the most innovative, most practical, and most powerful controllers you will find anywhere:

Range Control

Action Target’s SmartRange™ is the complete range control package – it controls everything from targets to lights and fans. The easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly create and store scenarios for multiple training uses. SimpleRange™ lets you use access the SmartRange software and control the range away from the computer, using a PDA. Read More →

Automatic and Wireless Target Controls

Action Target also provides portable solutions to controlling multiple targets. Air Command™ uses a wireless phone, Power-Link™ is a pneumatic device that allows for on-the-fly customization, and Chain Link™ manages timed chaining scenarios. Read More →

Handheld Target Controls

For less demanding scenarios, the Man-8™, EHS-1™, and HS-1™ systems are perfect for ensuring that target control is precise and accurate. Read More →

Electronic Shot Timer

Incorporating the features of a standard shot timer and a range controller into one product, the PRO-INT™ is ideal for accurate control of a single target or bank of targets for limited exposure time. Read More →

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  • TI-1 Cutsheet™ (PDF) – Download our cutsheet for more information about the TI-1, which converts electric signals from Action Target’s control systems into air pressure signals
  • Target Control Module™ (PDF) – Download our cutsheet for more information about the TCM, an integrated control bank that controls up to 20 targets through multiple input and output channels
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