Tactical Breach Door™

For the ultimate forced entry training experience, Action Target gives you the Tactical Breach Door™. This incredibly versatile tool lets you train for all types of forced entry situations.




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Action Target's Tactical Breach Door™ uses a multi-purpose 3/8” AR500 steel frame and door system that is easily adjustable and infinitely reusable. It can be used separately as a stand-alone unit, or it can be incorporated into your existing shoot house. This unique door can be quickly removed and temporarily replaced with a standard 3.0 pre-framed door should you desire. Designed to train battering ram, shotgun, and explosive breaching with 30 seconds-5 minutes (depending on training scenario) resetting between rounds.

Action Target's Tactical Breach Door™ can be opened by several forcible means including a battering ram, kicking, shotgun blast, prying, or various types of explosives. All non-explosive entry methods are achieved with the same hardware and same construction so no additional doors, frames, or other modules are required. You can train for explosive entry with the primary door if you choose, or you can remove the door and mount a sheet of plywood to the door frame.

The Tactical Breach Door™ has a plywood façade that can be easily replaced using standard hand tools such as a socket wrench, screw gun, and screwdriver. The door is designed with two mechanically resetting and interchangeable breaching mechanisms that simulate various door locks, dead bolts, and other locking and barricading methods. The steel door can be hung on the door frame to open to the left or right with the same hardware and is easily interchangeable with a standard residential pre-hung door for explosive entry training. The Tactical Breach Door functions as a free-standing unit requiring no additional support or as an integrated part of our MATCH shoot house system. All hardware and support structures are included for either application.

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