Protector XL Clearing Trap


CATEGORY: Clearing Traps

BRAND: Law Enforcement Targets

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Action Target's Protector XL Weapons Clearing Traps are rifle-, shotgun-, and pistol-capable up to and including .50 BMG. Comfortable to use, it sits at a 45° angle, and utilizes recycled rubber to stop and encapsulate bullets. Gas ports vent gasses towards the ground. A soft, rubber-lined neck will not scratch weapon.

Dry firing a gun is often necessary to check its status and insure all rounds have been removed. Our double-walled clearing trap makes this a safe and simple process. The trap may be used to check rifles, shotguns, and pistols up to and including .50 BMG with complete confidence that the trap’s armored steel chamber filled with composite rubber will safely contain any unexpected shots fired.

Action Target’s clearing traps are made of the finest armor steel and are designed to meet the strictest standards. The Protector XL Clearing Trap features a soft, rubber-lined neck that will not scratch the weapon.Other clearing traps on the market are much more expensive than Action Target clearing traps, but the difference in price is not a reflection on quality.

Comfortable to use, sitting at a 45° angle, the Protector XL Clearing Trap is designed to vent gasses twoards the ground through gas ports. Action Target’s clearing trap designs allow us to produce a superior product without breaking the bank for our customers in law enforcement and the shooting communities.

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