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Tactical Breach Door

U.S. Patent PendingAT Tactical Breach door

  • Standalone- or shoothouse-integrated
  • Multiple breaching options, including battering ram, shotgun, and explosive
  • Resets in seconds
  • Infinitely reusable

For the ultimate forced entry training experience, Action Target introduces the new Tactical Breach Door. When used in conjunction with MATCH™, this incredibly versatile tool lets you train for all types of forced entry situations.

The Tactical Breach Door uses a multi-purpose steel frame and door system that is easily adjustable and infinitely reusable.

Action Target Tactical Breaching Door/Forced Entry TrainingThe Tactical Breach Door can be used separately as a stand-alone unit, or it can be incorporated into your existing shoothouse.

This unique door can be quickly removed and temporarily replaced with a standard 3.0 pre-framed door should you desire.

The purpose of training is to prepare officers for real-life situations they will face on the street, including forced entry and indoor combat tactics. Action Target’s Tactical Breach Door is the most versatile, most practical, and most efficient way to train for the broadest spectrum of forced entry scenarios.

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