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Real Terrain Range® (RTR)

AT Real Terrain Range esert designShooting ranges provide basic marksmanship training. They are vital, but fall short of preparing personnel for real combat. Shooting in combat puts a soldier or officer in abnormal shooting positions due to terrain, exposing the body, compromising armor, and causing discomfort. Action Target is the first and only company to offer military and law enforcement personnel a training solution to these stresses with its Real Terrain Range® (RTR).

RTR was developed by Chuck Habermehl, who is internationally recognized and considered to be the best Close Quarter Battle (CQB) expert in the world, to fill the need for more advanced and realistic firearms training.

The RTR enhances realism and enforces cover/concealment basics by allowing the shooter to engage targets at varying distances on surfaces replicating the discomfort features of realistic geographic areas of operation. Using natural and man-made materials, the RTR can replicate any terrain surface and feature for the most realistic training possible. Whether it’s a simple scenario like a park, alley or building, or a more complex scenario like a full cave with multiple tunnels, types of threats and various other live-fire engagement opportunities, Action Target can make any RTR you can imagine. The strategic placement of reactive targets also allows 180 degree live-fire capability.

RTR Training with Urban ScenarioRTR utilizes Action Target’s Modular Armored Tactical Combat House (MATCH) panels that are skinned with the realistic shapes, textures, colors and rigidity of the scene being created to line the periphery of the range. Interior objects (such as trees, rocks, cars, and benches) have a resin-based semi-self healing coating over a foam base. Neither the coating or base will expand when in contact with the elements, especially water. These objects can be shot at close distances without having any splatter, ricochet, eye or inhalation hazards.

The RTR can be built to accommodate soldier to platoon level training, but also can be customized for any size law enforcement agency, private party or commercial customer.