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Field Range Products

Action Target is a leader in providing superior field range products that are customizable, safe, durable, and cost-effective. Learn more about each of our field range products below:

MATCH™ Shoothouse

Breach door Training in AT MATCHMATCH™ is a live-fire, 360˚ ballistically safe shoothouse designed for you to learn and teach close-quarter skills by combining realistic walls, doors, rooms, and hallways into custom configurations that reflect the situations your officers are most likely to encounter. Each MATCH unit is custom built and ensures maximum safety and durability, giving you total confidence that every round fired is being contained within its armored steel walls. Read More →

Hufcor® FlexTact®

FlexTract Moveable Training SystemAction Target is proud to be the exclusive worldwide Hufcor® representative for FlexTact® – a flexible training center solution with moveable walls on an overhead partition track and trolley system. FlexTact allows room changes to be completed in minutes, providing unlimited floor to ceiling room configurations. Read More →

Tactical Breach Door

Top View of Shooters using Tactical Breaching doorFor the ultimate forced entry training experience, the Tactical Breach Door lets you train for all types of forced entry situations, including battering ram, shotgun, and explosive breaching. The Tactical Breach Door uses a multi-purpose steel frame and door system that is easily adjustable and infinitely reusable as both a stand-alone unit, or a component of your existing shoothouse. Read More →

Line of Fire™ Modular Shooting Range

Action Target Line of Fire Static SteelThe Line of Fire™ is a frame-mounted instant shooting range that comes assembled in modular sections that can be customized with various combinations of turning, swing-up, static steel, reactive steel, and moving targets. All necessary parts of the range are included and controlled by Action Target’s SmartRange™. Read More →

TASK™ Field Scenario System

TASK Field Training SystemThe TASK™ system is a collection of very easy-to-use components that let you create and control sophisticated tactical training exercises quickly and simply. TASK is sold in the Action Target online store and is a completely portable tactical training solution, all without a hefty price-tag attached. Read More →

Military Range Products

Military Range Control TowerOur Field Infantry Target System™, Range Control Tower™ and Above Ground Foxhole are three products designed and installed to specifically fulfill the needs of rigorous military training. Read More →

Real Terrain Range® (RTR)

RTR Training with Urban ScenarioUsing natural and man-made materials, Action Target’s Real Terrain Range® (RTR) can replicate any terrain surface and features for the most realistic training possible, enforcing cover and concealment basics. Whether it’s a simple scenario like a park, or a more complex scenario like a cave with multiple tunnels, we create any RTR set-up you can imagine. Read More →

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