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Rubber Berm Trap™

U.S. Patent #’s 6378870 & 6533280

Rubber Berm TrapSimply stated, a rubber berm trap is approximately two feet of chopped rubber spread on top of an angled support structure to create a backstop or “berm” to catch bullets fired into it. There are several different approaches to this fundamental idea, but the same basic principles apply to them all.

The hassle-free design of Action Target’s rubber berm trap – or RBT – takes advantage of the practical and beneficial properties of rubber, while eliminating the weaknesses and unnecessary elements of other designs.

Rubber Berm Trap at Indoor RangeBeing a softer collection medium, rubber significantly reduces ricochet and lead dust in some applications. Cross-range firing can be safer, as can firing at extremely close distances. Such benefits make this trap an excellent choice for certain indoor ranges and other low-volume ranges where lead dust is a paramount concern. Our steel support structure saves valuable space and ensures that the fire-treated rubber is kept in place.

Rubber Berm TrapThe performance of the RBT can be impressive under certain shooting situations, but perhaps the greatest feature is its price. Because value and customer satisfaction are the sources of Action Target’s strength, we ensure that our high quality rubber berm trap functions as well as any other design out there and that it is offered at a reasonable price.

*NOTE: As with all rubber berm bullet traps, Action Target’s rubber berm must be cleaned every 80,000 rounds following proper safety procedures.

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