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Flat Trap™

Front View of Flat TrapU.S. Patent Pending

  • Durable steel construction
  • Extremely small space requirements
  • Supports many types of ammunition
  • Convenient bullet storage and collection

Flat Trap with TargetsThere are dozens of important issues to consider when designing and building your shooting range, but sometimes the most significant problem is lack of space. In these instances, the Flat Trap™ can be a welcome solution. The Flat Trap incorporates through hardened 500 Brinell steel deflection plates into an integrated backstop and bullet collection system.

Angled View of the Flat TrapParticularly effective for ranges using frangible ammunition only, the Flat Trap can also be used with many standard handgun rounds as well.

*NOTE: The Flat Trap may not be a good solution for some shooting range applications. Make sure to meet with your Action Target range consultant to see if this trap is a good solution to your specific needs.

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